Program Websites

One of the many different ways to get involved in a competitive softball program is to see whether or not the program you are interested in has a team website. Many club teams build a website so that its easy for college coaches to get a quick glace at what type of player/person they are considering for their program. It’s also nice for the athletes themselves to be able to send a link to their teams website when they are sending out their recruitment emails to the schools they are interested in. Another reason many club teams have a team website is for an easy way to get out information such as tryout dates, recently recruited players, tournament schedules, coaches and players contact information to their current players or athletes that are interested in their program. An example of a well done team website would be the Texas Blaze fast pitch club ( The Texas Blaze uses big logos, bold colors, flames shooting out of bats and balls to catch your eye when you first click on their website. Sometimes, too much design can be too much, but the Blaze has made it all works together nicely. You want the website to look professional and organized so that its easy to navigate through.