College Softball getting started

The college softball season is right around the corner! Teams at all levels D1, D2 and D3 are all in the weight room preparing for the upcoming season. A college softball team will play an average of 50-60 games within a season which can be very exhausting on the players bodies. Most of these games are double headers meaning they will play a total of 2 games a day against the same team. Having this type of schedule requires the athletes to be in great shape so that they are able to perform at their highest level in every game. To remain in preseason shape throughout the entire season requires more than lifting weights and exercising. After every game athletes go to the college or team trainer to get ice for anything that is sore, as well as getting all tight and irritated muscles stretched out so nothing is pulled or teared. Taking care of your body off the field and away from softball workouts is the main priority for athletes if they want to stay healthy for the whole season.