About Me

My name is Emily Luzetsky and I have been playing softball in the state of Maryland for the past 11 years. Every year around the month of April I would get a rec softball flyer in the mail with sign up dates for the upcoming season. My father would ask me every spring if I was interested in playing hoping my answer would be yes but I was too interested in playing soccer at this time that I had no interest in softball. My father had played the game of baseball his whole life and had the opportunity to play Division 1 baseball at Towson University. My father always hoped that I would follow his footsteps and take interest in softball. It wasn’t until I was 9 years old that I picked up my first softball. Little did I know that this game would soon become my passion and change my life.

I played rec softball for 2 seasons until I approached my parents about joining a more competitive program. At the age of 11 I joined the Churchville Lightning located in Churchville, Maryland. It wasn’t until I joined the Lightning that I truly became passionate about the game of softball and it soon took over my life. My summer’s for the next 4 years would be spent on a diamond with a group of girls that quickly became my second family. After being with the Lightning family for an enjoyable 4 years I approached my parents again but this time I had a different goal. I told my parents that one day I wanted to be playing softball at the collegiate level. After a long discussion we as a family decided that the best option for me to get the exposure I needed to get to the collegiate level would be for me to join a more nationally exposed program.

The fall of my junior year in High School I joined the New Jersey Inferno located in Edison NJ. I went from only traveling the east coast for tournaments to soon having the opportunity to travel the country playing the game I love. I soon learned that getting to the collegiate level was going to be a lot more difficult and more work than I ever thought it would be. Having to send emails of my schedule and make phone calls to the head coaches of schools I was interested in asking them to come watch me played at my upcoming tournaments. Believe it or not this wasn’t the most nerve racking part about the whole college recruiting process. When the coach you’ve been begging to come watch you play for the past month finally shows up you have to be able to perform at your best because this may be the only time they get to watch you play.

After spending a season with the Inferno I tried out for a team called Wagner’s 3n2 located out of Virginia and Florida. With the Wagner’s program was when my dream of being recruited to a competitive college softball team became a reality. It was a Wednesday night that I got a phone call from my Wagner’s head coach letting me know that the head coach from Dominican College would be calling me in 20 minutes to offer me a athletic scholarship to play the game I love. I am now happy to say I am the starting catcher at the Division 2 level at Dominican College in Orangeburg, NY and I couldn’t be any happier with my decision.