10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Fast Pitch Softball

  1. Softball was originally an indoor sport. It was invented in 1887 by a journalist for the Chicago Board of Trade as a form of indoor baseball to be played during the winter
  2. The bases are 60 feet apart apposed to 90 feet in baseball
  3. Softball is played in over 140 countries
  4. The United States won 3 out of 4 Olympic Appearances
  5. Softball was the first sport to be dropped from the Olympic games in 69 years
  6. In softball you can play Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch
  7. There are 197 players that have been inducted into the Softball Hall of Fame
  8. Today more than 40 million people play softball each summer, making it the number one team participant sport in the United States
  9. The original game of softball was played with a 16 inch ball that was soft enough that there was no need for gloves
  10. The game of Softball did not become a NCAA sanctioned sport until 1910





NCAA Softball Instagram Page

The NCAA has recently created an Instagram accounting that keeps you updated on everything that is going on in collegiate softball today. They post videos of top plays/players of the previous week as well as keeping you updated on all the college softball rankings. They also have amazing action photos of some of the top players and teams in the country that they enjoy to display on their Instagram and Facebook page. They also post softball instructional videos for hitting, pitching and fielding. I like this Facebook post because it really catches the readers eye when scrolling through their Instagram page with the black and white background and the colorful Instagram symbol. I also like how when you click on the link they have shared on Facebook it takes you directly to their Instagram account and allows the viewer to scroll through and view their pictures. This allows people without an Instagram account but a Facebook account  to view the NCAA Softball account.

Instagram NCAA



College Softball getting started

The college softball season is right around the corner! Teams at all levels D1, D2 and D3 are all in the weight room preparing for the upcoming season. A college softball team will play an average of 50-60 games within a season which can be very exhausting on the players bodies. Most of these games are double headers meaning they will play a total of 2 games a day against the same team. Having this type of schedule requires the athletes to be in great shape so that they are able to perform at their highest level in every game. To remain in preseason shape throughout the entire season requires more than lifting weights and exercising. After every game athletes go to the college or team trainer to get ice for anything that is sore, as well as getting all tight and irritated muscles stretched out so nothing is pulled or teared. Taking care of your body off the field and away from softball workouts is the main priority for athletes if they want to stay healthy for the whole season.



Program Websites

One of the many different ways to get involved in a competitive softball program is to see whether or not the program you are interested in has a team website. Many club teams build a website so that its easy for college coaches to get a quick glace at what type of player/person they are considering for their program. It’s also nice for the athletes themselves to be able to send a link to their teams website when they are sending out their recruitment emails to the schools they are interested in. Another reason many club teams have a team website is for an easy way to get out information such as tryout dates, recently recruited players, tournament schedules, coaches and players contact information to their current players or athletes that are interested in their program. An example of a well done team website would be the Texas Blaze fast pitch club (http://www.texasblaze.org/). The Texas Blaze uses big logos, bold colors, flames shooting out of bats and balls to catch your eye when you first click on their website. Sometimes, too much design can be too much, but the Blaze has made it all works together nicely. You want the website to look professional and organized so that its easy to navigate through.




Introduction to Softball World

My goal for this website is to fill your brain with as much information about the game of softball as I can. My first goal is to have you find the Softball World website and be interested enough to stay and do a little looking around. The good news is if you are currently reading this article I have achieved my first goal.

My second goal is to try and teach you everything there is to know about the game of softball. This topic can range from the simple rules of the game, how to join a travel team around you, answer any questions you have about recruitment for college or any questions you have about the game of softball and many more interesting topics.

My last goal for this website is to get you interested in the game of softball and hopefully get you, yourself involved in the softball world. Softball has rapidly been growing over the past 10 years and has recently been added back to the Summer Olympics in 2020. With the rapidly growing interest in the softball world opportunities for making a career out of this game is also rapidly growing.

So… I hope that after reading this introduction article something has sparked you with any type of interest to learn more about this beautiful game.