Which is Harder Baseball or Softball?

Who?: All Baseball/softball players or individuals interested in statistics or sports.

What?: Bring to light the idea that in softball the rise ball might be the biggest difference between the two sports, making a softball harder to hit.

Why?: To help clarify the rumor that male athletes are superior to female athletes. Also, to show how different baseball and softball are from each other.

When?: Baseball/Softball played at a Collegiate and/or Professional level.

Where?: Baseball and Softball is a world wide sport that is played at all levels

How?: Softball players have less time to react to hitting a fastball and if it is a rise ball or even just a high fast ball the players have to work against gravity, making softball a harder hitting sport than baseball.

Instructional Video: Talk to my college hitting coach about the differences between the pitches a baseball pitcher throws compared to a softball pitcher. Also going into detail about how the different spins of the pitches cause the movement of the different size balls to move.

Interviews: I will be interviewing both a softball and baseball coach to get their opinion on which is harder to hit, a softball or baseball.