Baseball is Back!


Football may be ending, but baseball is only just beginning. With the Super bowl completed and football season at an end, it is now time to focus on the sport we all love: baseball. Major League Baseball’s preseason is on the cusp of being underway with pitchers and catcher reporting in mere days. The earliest reported day for pitchers and catchers is February 12th; the Cleveland Indians will begin their preseason. The majority of the league however will be reporting on either the 13th or the 14th, with some teams even listed for as late as the 17th. Workouts will commence just days after the initial reporting, which is when the preseason action will really begin. This year isn’t any different in that each team is going into the year with high hopes. Although it could be argued that some teams have higher hopes than others, considering the difference of raw talent each different team possesses. One team in particular with high hopes for their season is the New York Mets. The Mets have arguable the most formidable, young pitching staffs in the history of the game, never mind just this season. Coming off a season in which 4 of their 5 aces landed on the disabled list, this young staff with have a lot to prove. Other teams like the Yankees and Phillies, who have been dominant in previous years, will be looking to rebuild. Hope for Major League Baseball teams is alive, and baseball is back. What could be wrong?