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    Is the MCAS Becoming Out of Date?

    MCAS is a standardized test that has been around since 1993. The MCAS was designed to meet the expectations of the 1993 Education Reform Law.

     MCAS tests are taken by all Massachusetts public school students during Grade 7 and again in grade 10 to see the progress of the student over there years in the public school system.

    By: Katie Lannan, SHNS


    MACS Standardize testing was created for the public school system to monitor kids progress through out the years.

    But has this form of test taking become outdated? Many would argue yes because of kids in private schools who do not take these tests are finishing grade school and attending the same colleges as kids who attended public schools. 

    “Results from the new MCAS exam show that more than half of Massachusetts students scored below a new, arbitrary “meeting expectations”.” says Lisa Guisbond ( President at Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance)

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