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    The Real Ty Breezzyy

    Many musicians originate from New York but today we are talking about one special self made artist from the Bronx.

    Tyler Scott is a 22 year old senior at Dominican College on track to graduate with a degree in communications studies.


    Known around campus as “Ty Breezzyy”, Tyler has made a name for himself as a local artist and many people listen to his music. Tyler enjoys writing and often writes for more than 4 hours a day working on his latest lyrics and revising past thoughts.


    Often musicians have someone on the side helping them write lyrics and help producing songs but Ty stays true to himself and likes to keep his music original and personal.


    This is difficult for some because of all the songs out there it is easy to copy some lines or some words but Tyler does his best to keep it real.


     Tyler credits his writing motivation to the many hardships throughout his life that have been a humbling experience and turning negative situations into positive outcomes to benefit his life and music.


    When it comes to the news and current events he tries his best not to check up on the negative but occasionally checks in on the current times.


    Tyler is very active on social media as he is present on Instagram, snap chat,twitter,Facebook and most beneficial to his music sound cloud.


    As to his music many of the sports teams around campus have started to listen to his songs before games which says all you need to know about Ty Breezzyy, he’s the real deal.

    June 2021
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