10 things to know about crossfit

crossfit open partner

  1. You will find out how out of shape you really are. 

Even after being an athlete for years and years the first WOD you ever do will feel like death. Every part of your body will  ach.                                                               

  1. Your friends and family will begin doing research on “CrossFit” and tell you how bad it is for you.

People read that CrossFit is bad for your joints and that CrossFit coaches are not really trained, that is all bull. Every CrossFit coach MUST have a certification to open a gym. Also it is only bad on your joints if you push yourself passed your limits.

  1. You will be good at little.

You aren’t the best at everything you do at life. Same goes for CrossFit people will be better than you and eventually you will be better than people.

  1. It is OK to ask for clarification

I know when I first started CrossFit I was afraid to ask for help! No do not be afraid coaches like when their clients ask for help. So ask away!

  1. Don’t be afraid to scale down.

Meaning if something is to hard don’t be afraid to try the easy route..

  1. What you eat is more important than what you lift.

100% true those days you have bad lifting days is very closely associated to what you ate that day.

  1. You will have more bruises, blisters ad scrapes than you can count.

So be prepared!

  1. You will form lasting friendships

Those who crossfit together stay together!

  1. No two days are the same.

Workouts change every day. Be prepared to use a different muscle group or all the muscles groups from one workout.

  1. You are only competing against yourself.

You compete with your own time in a WOD not anyone else. You are your worse competition.

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