Call Me Foreign

Ka’rell Henry, Rell for short and Foreign to the unfamiliar. Originating from the Bronx, NY Castle Hill to be exact. Rell is  Currently a Junior in Dominican College In the latter end of his quest to a Degree in Communication Studies. A passion for Music and Fashion are apparent in his person.

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The Media Writing Self Perception Survey did not accurately reflect his experience with writing Giving him a MWSP score of 44. Described as a “moderate enjoyment of writing and feeling pretty confident in ones skills”

His passion for music and lyrical dexterity proves his devotion to the writing process.

” I got the textbooks Blackboard and all that

but if you heard the last line I was all that

Black and bored with no money and all that

I’m throwing Five for c**h’s but don’t recall that   “

Foreign – Freshman Seminar (Prod.Akeem Haze)

Regularly reading and writing on his free time new ideas and motivation are never far. Creativity drives talent and his expanding skill set .

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Skeptical of the Propoganda filled News outlets Ka’rell often overlooks the News. However he relies on CNN as his primary source of mainstream information.

Foreigns preferred social media platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Agreeing that social media affects writing He notes that the character restrictions cause him to condense his message. Forcing him to learn how to express himself and deliver the same impact within the constraints of words and characters.

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