Week 14: GIFs and Cartoons

Another skill that might help you in your future career, depending on what it is you decide to do upon graduation, is to be able to create GIFs and cartoons.

Creating GIFs and cartoons is really a task that should be performed in Adobe Spark, Adobe Animate, or Adobe Photoshop, we can create some basic GIFs and cartoons for our websites by using some free online programs. For GIFs you may use makeagif.com. It is a free program, although you need to register to use the service.

Lab Assignments Week Fifteen:

    1. Please look for a previous story you published on your site and create a GIF for that story. Conceptualize the GIF. It could be funny. It could be serious. It could contain words or be free of words.
    2. Next, sign up for a free GIF maker account on the website I referenced above or choose a site of your own.
    3. You will then need to follow the directions that the GIF site provides, but most of the time the steps will include uploading a video, setting the length of the GIF, and adding words if so desired.
    4. Once you create your GIF, please add it to the story you selected.

If you have finished the task above, then please prepare as needed for next class. You will need (1) a Linkedin Account and (2) a professional looking picture to use as a profile picture.

I do not believe we will have time to get to cartoons this semester, but we may depending how the next few classes unfold.