Silhouette Cameo 3 Review


The Silhouette Cameo 3 is the newest “Do it yourself” machines. Some of you might have the Cameo 1 or 2, however, this machine has all the features those have plus more!

New features Include:

  • Bluetooth – This is one of the biggest differences between the cameo 2 and 3. Silhouette has created an app where you can use the program on any device. You can download the software free here.
  • Dual Head Carriage – Instead of only being able to hold one tool, there is now an extra space to put an additional tool such as pens, a spare blade, and other tools.
  • More Storage – We can always have more storage right?! When you open the machine there are 2 trays where you can store extra blades, tools etc. In addition to the storage, there are guides on top of the drawers incase you do not want to use a mat or to help guide the mat!
  • Easier Adjustments – The rollers themselves can now be moved more freely, especially when using more delicate fabrics like foil or foam. The bar itself that the blades are on, can now move about 2mm higher to allow for bigger pieces of artwork.
  • Upgraded Menu – Instead of having 3 options compared to the cameo 2 (Load Mat, Load Media, Unload), The cameo 3 has 2 options (Load & Unload). In Addition, there is now a preference page to adjust the sound settings on the machine. They have also including tutorials on the actual machineĀ on how to load media, adjust blades, and adjusting the roller bar.


If you are thinking of purchasing one of these machines, I highly recommend shopping around. I purchased my machine from Jet.comĀ because when I signed up for the first time I received 15% of my entire purchase. However, they change their deals all the time so see where you can get the best deal!

Where can you purchase the Cameo 3?

Most of these sites you can purchase the machine with a starter bundle and it is highly recommended. The machine comes with one mat no matter where you buy it. An additional mat costs about $14.95-$15.