Post retrieved from @silhouetteglobal on Facebook
Post retrieved from @silhouetteglobal on Facebook

What can your silhouette make?

The silhouette machine can make endless creations, you just have to know where to find ideas.

In this Facebook post by @Silhouetteglobal really entices readers to want to visit their website because not only can they sell products, but they teach people how to use it.

Silhouette included a video on how to set up the Curio machine to etch into metal! If you do not own a silhouette machine, they included a link to their site www.silhouetteamerica.com to purchase one.

Silhouette is one of the leading brands for DIY projects and machines. Since their products are so widely known, they have many followers on social media sites. When promoting their products however, they need to add hashtags to reach out to the people that don’t know about them.

Coming from a person that had no idea where to start when looking for a vinyl cutter/plotter, social media is the first place to start; Whenever looking for a new product, start with the reviews. While looking at their Facebook page, there are no product reviews or any links to get them.