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    • Brianna,
      That is a great question!
      A great decal can include various things:
      – Color – There are so many options to choose from so sometimes it makes the decisions hard. However, with vinyl you can make decals with more than one color. Here is a tutorial on how to layer vinyl with the Cameo 3 (the machine I own): <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nfX5kjs278&quot;
      – Texture – not only is there multiple color options to choose from but there are various textures as well. There are reflective, zebra, leopard, glitter, you name it!
      – Customizable – With a vinyl cutter/plotter you can create almost anything you can imagine. So if your creative and want to make a few bucks this is the business to go in!
      To promote myself and my company I can:
      – Apply decals to any vehicle with my company logo on it
      – With this kind of business, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the top social media sites where people can look for and also promote your business for you.

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