Here are some interesting facts about vinyl that you may have never known:

  1. There are many different kinds of vinyl and each have different uses.
  • Oracle 631 – This is a Matte colored vinyl – Considered an “indoor vinyl” – This is a removable vinyl, can be used outside but will not last as long as other vinyl if it is constantly getting wet. Typically used for wall decor, window clings (inside), and a lot of DIY crafts.
  • Oracle 651 – Considered an “outdoor vinyl” – meant to be used outside because it has a more aggressive backed adhesive and can last for more that 5-8 years.  Typically used for car decals, outdoor window designs, and cups or mugs.
  • Oracle 6510 – Same as Oracle 651 with durability and functionality, This is just the florescent color options.
  • Oracle 751 & 951 – Used if you want your design to last a very long time and to have durability. Oracle 951 is supposed to last about 2 years more than 751 with sunlight durability.

2. Vinyl CAN get wet, however, most vinyl can only withstand a certain amount of heat. So if you make a gift for someone like a mug or tumbler          with vinyl on it, make sure that you give them instructions to HAND WASH, do not put them in the dishwasher otherwise your hard work will not      be worth it!

3. Vinyl is also used to create T-shirts, bags, socks, you name it! To do this you would need Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Heat transfer vinyl is not an        adhesive backed vinyl like the ones discussed above. When using a vinyl cutter and HTV, any words or designs need to be FLIPPED unlike              regular vinyl. HTV gets applied using a heat press or a home iron.

  • Siser Easyweed – VERY EASY to work with and once you start using HTV you will never want to use regular vinyl again. This can be used on almost any textures or fabrics. Make sure to check your settings on your iron or heat to match it up with the fabric you are using to get the best results!
  • Siser Easyweed Streatch – thinner and more stretchy than the easyweed HTV. Meant to be used on tight fitting clothing, activewear or sports jerseys
  • Siser Glitter – Can be applied with an iron or heat press and gives you the real glitter feel and look without the mess! It does not stretch like easyweed and is not recommended in situations where it will be under stress often as that could cause cracking and peeling.

4. There are so many things you can do with vinyl. They make vinyl that you can wrap an entire car in! Why paint your car a different color when           you can spend half as much and also protect the paint as well!?

5. School projects get so much easier if you own a vinyl cutter. Cut out words and just lay them onto poster board and have the nicest project in the class instantly!

6.  A lot of people take old furniture, re-finish them, and put cute sayings on the with vinyl! so if you have old furniture laying around spice it up a bit!

7. Making a small vinyl business is easy. All you need is a vinyl cutter (silhouette or cricket), a Facebook page, and some ideas. Keeping up on social media is the easiest way to gain business. Start out with friends and family and then move on to actual customers.

8. Before you can start a business however, you need to come up with a name. Before naming your business read this article.

9. Getting ideas can be hard but make sure you create a Pinterest Account.  This will help you get not only ideas, but get tips and tutorials on how to go about your projects.

10. HAVE FUN! like I mentioned many times before, there are endless possibilities when it comes to vinyl. Everyday people are coming up with new ideas and easier ways to do projects. Keep up with social media, be willing to try and practice new ideas, and just have fun with it. If you dont enjoy what you do it wont last.