“Colleges provide more options for students with food allergies” post advertisement analysis

College students being served allergy-friendly food in their school’s cafeteria. Photo by Mary Mouton, from TheAdvocate.com.

@AllergyEats is a page on Facebook for AllergyEats.com, a website with information on eating with food allergies. AllergyEats shared an article from TheAdvocate.com on Facebook, adding some of their own words to persuade the reader to check the article out. AllergyEats introduced it well, and kept their message direct and short. However, there was one small problem towards the end of their post.

AllergyEats stated, “It comes down to capitalism… and I’ve got no problem with that!” in regards to the trend of restaurants becoming allergy-friendly. One Facebook user actually commented back, upset at how AllergyEats brought the topic of capitalism into their post.  This could cause audience members to turn away.

Debatable topics unrelated to a website’s own beat should not be incorporated into what that site shares. This could cause loss of followers and customers. Everyone should be cautious when stating their own opinions as well. People who disagree with you or the topic could become disinterested in you and your product.