Billy Joe’s Ribworks restaurant review


Each experience I have dining at Billy Joe’s is a great one. They never fail to provide their customers great meals with great service. The restaurant is located at

26 Front St, Newburgh, NY 12550

The restaurant’s design is perfect for The Newburgh Waterfront. The open feel of the restaurant comes from the huge wall of windows overlooking the Hudson River. There is more dining space on the outdoor deck, too. They play typically mainstream music, and people are always there. Billy Joe’s serves a range of barbecue options.

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Let’s get to the allergies. First of all, their BBQ sauce and ribs are good for those with allergies to eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, shellfish, and dairy as long as there is no cross-contamination. You may be concerned at first, wondering how a place that serves mac and cheese, cornbread, and other products containing common allergens could be a safe place for people with allergies to eat.

My younger brother, Chris, is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, shellfish, and sesame seeds. At first, my family was hesitant about feeding Chris at Billy Joe’s. The staff members were great listeners when it came to what the allergies were and how dangerous cross-contamination is. They change their gloves, clean the grills, and take all the other necessary precautions to ensure a safe meal for Chris. They have been able to serve him salads, grilled chicken, racks of ribs with BBQ sauce, baked potatoes and broccoli. Not only does he have one option, but multiple, which is something he cherishes.

From our most recent trip to Billy Joe’s Ribworks. Chris getting ready to dig into his full rack of ribs!

My family and I love Billy Joe’s, and we are very grateful for everything they’ve done to provide Chris a safe meal each time. The atmosphere, food, service, and location are all great aspects of Billy Joe’s. I highly recommend Billy Joe’s to people with food allergies like my brother’s (milk, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, and shellfish) because we have a good experience every time. However, it would not be fair of me to say that they take care of people with gluten allergies the same way. Gluten is an allergen found in many different foods. I cannot say that I have had experience with trying to feed someone with a gluten allergy here. However, I will do a little more research on how accommodating they are to those with the allergy, and add more info to this article.

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