“Peanut Patch” designed to treat peanut allergies in children

Viaskin Peanut Patch

 DBV Technologies is a biopharmaceutical firm located in France. They developed Viaskin technology to treat allergies. The Peanut Patch is a recent innovation by the firm, and is designed to treat children with peanut allergies. It delivers small portions of the peanut protein into the skin, without entering it into the bloodstream. This process is meant to train the immune system to tolerate a certain amount of the allergen, incase of accidental contact through touch or ingestion. This innovation could help save millions of lives, preventing individuals from going into anaphylaxis.

Hundreds of carefully-selected individuals have participated in testing the accuracy and safety of this product, and so far, there have been good results. In 2015, DBV Technologies gained the support of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to proceed to Phase III of their trials. This is the first time the FDA has approved a drug to treat allergies. Initiation of Phase III is a big deal because the treatment is then administered to larger groups of people, to ensure safety and effectiveness of the patch.

The Peanut Patch is a wonderful innovation that has already helped many people, and appears to have a bright future. However, for now at least, it does not replace EpiPens. Epinephrine Auto-injectors should still always be carried on your person. You never know when you will come into contact with your allergen and go into anaphylaxis. Safety first!


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