about me!


My name is Gabrielle Marie O’Donnell! I am a college student, a dancer, and I love good food. I also love making and getting to know new friends! A major goal of mine is to put smiles on the faces of everyone I encounter. I also have a few food allergies, including nuts, sunflower seeds, and almost all kinds of raw fruits and vegetables. Thankfully, my reactions have been relatively mild and not life-threatening. However, I have a younger brother who is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, and shellfish. Unfortunately, all it takes is a slip-up  or cross-contamination to put him into anaphylaxis. My family has always struggled to find places that could feed him. Historically we prepared and packed all of his food at home, and took it with us when we dined at restaurants, so we could all still eat together. Over time, we found a few places where he was able to eat food safely! Dining out is an experience everyone should get to enjoy. Food is a necessity and it shouldn’t be this hard to find things to eat. This website is meant to spread awareness by providing quality information on food allergies, delicious recipes, and restaurant recommendations. I want to help others with food allergies find more options, in home and dining out!