AP Stylebook Research Assignment

Do you order Girl Scout Cookies or Girl Scout cookies (that is, with or without a capital C)? – With capital C

Hyphenated or not: “a week-long event” or “a weeklong event”? – Hyphenated

3 Are those emails from Nigerian princes examples of Spam (capitalized) or spam (lower case)? – spam lower case

When conducting research, should Wikipedia be used as a primary source? – No

Which of the following are trademarks and should be capitalized (if, indeed, they have to be used at all): Velcro, Frisbee, Breathalyzer, Styrofoam, Band-Aid? – All

When using the “microblogging platform” known as Twitter, does one Twitter or Tweet? – Tweet

Is it correct to use tidal wave as a synonym for tsunami? – Yes

Which of the following may be used in an AP news story: ditto marks [〃], italics, brackets? – All

Arbitrate and mediate both appear in reports about labor negotiations, but only one of the terms calls for the handing down of a decision. Which one? – Arbitrate

Which is correct: associate degree or associate’s degree? – Associate’s degree

In a recipe, two cupfuls or cupsful? – Two cupfuls

Which of the following social media terms are acceptable to the AP editors: app, mashup, retweet, unfriend, click-thrus? – retweet , unfriend

Do you visit a Web site or a website? – Website

Does writer’s guide need that apostrophe? – No

Which pronoun should be used in reference to a ship, she or it? – They

Which of the following words and phrases should be avoided (except when in quoted matter)?

Deaf-mute – excepted

Canuck – not excepted

Coke (as a slang term for cocaine) – excepted

Handicap (in describing a disability) – not excepted

Scotch (to describe the people of Scotland) – not excepted

Is it acceptable to use the term “Obamacare” anywhere in a news story? – Yes

Is there any difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?

– Epidemic is referring to a disease that can exists permanently or in a specific region

– Pandemic when an epidemic spreads throughout the world

What does fulsome mean? – Complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree

What is the difference (if any) between farther and further?

  • Farther only when referring to distance
  • Further meaning more