Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.31.11 PMThe Humans of New York Facebook page has a promotion for their book. The main use of this post is to promote their new book. There are several things about this post that is creative. First, being that there is a picture of the book. I think that is clever because if someone wants to go to their local bookstore, instead of buying it online, they would now know what the book looks like. Second, which is my favorite, they have the logo of every online store they sell the book and a direct hyperlink to where you can buy it. That is convenient because most people don’t want to go searching for the book on another website. They can just click on company’s logo and it will take them straight there. Another great thing I noticed is an option to link the post to your own wall. That’s great because if or when people link it to their wall, that will help promote the book.