External Lenses Review

If you don’t have a camera and want to get into photography check out my previous post for tips to improve your photography skills by just using your iPhone. You can use external, add-on lenses to enhance your picture quality. From low to high price, here are a few external, add-on lenses.

Olloclip is a website known for external lenses. Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.42.18 PMTheir cheapest iPhone 7/7 plus lens, which are the add-on lens, are $49.99. Those lenses are the fisheye, super-wide lens and ultra-wide lens. They give you the ability to shoot both wider and closer than ever before possible with iPhone’s built-in camera. They even sell Lens Sets for $79.99. The Macro Pro and Core Lens Set. The Macro Pro lens turn your phone into a microscope. You can choose the level of magnification you want. The most expensive is the Active Lens Set, for $119.99. With the new Active Lens Set you can get multi-element Telephoto and Ultra-Wide lenses.

All these lenses are easy to use. You just snap them on your iPhone and you’re good to go. Go out and take beautiful pi

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