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  1. larissa larissa says:


  2. brianna says:

    What is most intriguing about a person you are writing about ? What is most interesting to learn about someone in sharing their story?

    1. larissa larissa says:

      The most intriguing thing about a person I’m writing about is how they are willing to open up to me after a few questions. It’s always interesting to hear their story because its usually something I was not expecting to hear from them.

  3. karina says:

    Hey Larissa !
    Awesome website, with amazing photography. Do you take these pictures yourself ?

    1. larissa larissa says:

      Thank you ! Yes, I do take these pictures myself. Thank you for taking your time out to check my website out.

  4. melanie says:

    Hello Larissa, I really enjoy your photos. I think your dog Hunter is so precious. Keep taking amazing pictures!

    1. larissa larissa says:

      Hi Melanie! Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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