• Since, the beginning of class I have made 18 post and 5 pages
  • For the Twitter week, I tweeted 22 times. The was the amount of tweets that were required for the assignment. But I think I could’ve done much better. The content was not to my full potential. I wrote basic and boring tweets.
  • For the Instagram week, I did 5 post. I actually liked the post I posted on Instagram. I can’t think of anything that could have been improved. Although Im sure there is many things I could have improved.
  • For the Facebook, I think I made 5 post. I know I could’ve made many improvements.
  • For pinterest, I pinned 25 pictures.
  • For my feature story, I was not able to do the story I originally wanted to do. To be honest I forgot when it was due. So when the time came to submit it, I had to do my second option. If I had done what I originally wanted to do, it would’ve come out much much better.
  • My LinkedIn page could be much better. I could have put much more information about my experiences.

Overall, this was a great class. I learned a lot and it will be very helpful in my future.

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