George Washington Bridge

I took this picture while stuck in traffic. Probably not a good idea but I got this beautiful post !


The Humans of New York Facebook page has a promotion for their book. The main use of this post is to promote their new book. There are several things about this post that is creative. First, being that there is a picture of the book. I think that is clever because if someone wants to go to…


“I have never felt good enough. Even through all the growth I’ve made whether it was mentally or physically. I have never felt good enough. I think part of that comes from my family. Growing up they never encouraged me. They would point out my wrongs, but never praise my rights. I can name so many times where…


Humans of New York, also known as HONY, is an amazing website. Their Instagram has over 6 million followers. The creator of HONY, has been doing this for years. He goes around New York City everyday and photographs people. His whole process is interesting. He takes pictures of them and than gets to talking with them….


I think it would only be right if my first post be the process of how I will get to their story. I will ask them all kinds of questions.  First I will start with a broad question and than from there I’ll try to make them feel comfortable enough where they can open up to…

Hello world!

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