My name is Sierra Sheridan and I am an Undergraduate English Major and Business Minor at Dominican College. My interests and hobbies include grimace or cringe humor, satirical comedy, and mockumentaries or parodies, as well as comedy rags, travel magazines or websites, science-fiction novels, comic strips, political humor, travel writing, traveling on a budget, and photography.

I am interested in learning international business law, and have aspirations to become an international business lawyer with my own firm by the age of 30.

A dream of mine has always been to write with a team of writers for a comedy television series similar to The Office or Trailer Park Boys, and to finish writing a book before I graduate from college.

Coral Canyon, CA, January 2016, photographed by Andrew Bernard
Me in Coral Canyon, CA, January 2016, photographed by Andrew Bernard

I work in a library at night and go to classes during the day. In the little free time that I have during this season, I spend time working on side projects and jobs, such as writing my book, reading, watching shows that I consider to be comedy genius, or projects that make me money, such as Poker tournaments, cleaning, nannying, or writing essays for companies like Nerdify. I prefer this type of lifestyle because it allows me to have a lot of free time when it counts the most.

During the summer and winters months, when I am off from work and school, I make it my mission to travel as much as possible, whether it is in a van, a string of hostels, or with a host family. The most recent trip that I took was to Kenya, Africa for a month. I stayed with a host family that I found through the website GoCambio, and video chatted them less than a week before I booked my fight to go.

I prefer to plan as minimally as possible before I leave for a destination, but I always research the laws, customs, and dangers before I go.






When I travel I not only make lifelong memories, but I also make lifelong friends. After staying with Alice, as well as her family and friends, in Kenya during the holiday season this December/January, she came and visited me in New York City during Spring Break.

I am keen on traveling internationally; however, I have also spent many months traveling in a camper van across the United States.

This summer, after I return home from Europe, where I will visit Portugal, Spain, and France, I plan to take a cruise North West to spend some time in the mountains with a few friends. On this trip, I will stay in my camper van and sleep in remote areas that are considered public lands in order to save money and escape society. I like to write scary stories on these trips because there are hardly any people for miles, and entire towns that have been left abandoned can be found once I trail off the beaten path.


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Traveling, writing, reading, and learning are the most important aspects of my life and it is how I spend most of my time.