My name is Sierra and I am an Undergraduate English Major and Communications and Business Minor at Dominican College. My interests and hobbies include writing, cringe humor, satirical comedy, and mockumentaries or parodies, as well as reading a wide range of genres.

A dream of mine has always been to write with a team of writers for a comedy television series, and to finish writing a book before I graduate from college.

Coral Canyon, CA, January 2016, photographed by Andrew Bernard
Me in Coral Canyon, CA, January 2016, photographed by Andrew Bernard

I work in a library at night and go to classes during the day, and I love it.

During the summer and winters months, when I am off from work and school, I make it my mission to travel as much as possible, whether it is in a van, a string of hostels, or with a host family. I have traveled independently as far as Kenya and I stayed with a host family that I found through the website GoCambio. However, I’ve also traveled around Europe and the United States.

Austin, Texas
Kilifi, Kenya
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Amarillo, Texas

Traveling, writing, reading, and learning are the most important aspects of my life and it is how I spend most of my time.

P.k Opening a book is opening a door