Musical Artists

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Geno Brown has been booming for awhile now. His newest track Same Way will have you rapping every lyric with your closets friends. If you love what you hear now, you’ll love his newest album that is on the way. Look out for it ! For now, check out his other songs on Soundcloud. Geno Brown’s Soundcloud


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Jordan Ariel, a talented writer, dancer, singer, and actress. She is a very well rounded individual. Jordan’s melodist voice will give you goosebumps all over. She has a project releasing soon and she also performs with the Alvin Ailey School of Dance. You’ll love what you see. Stay posted on her project.


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Yung Stakk & GMN Zay are two very energetic rappers that could have the crowd hyped up in a matter of minutes with their trap sound to their songs. If you enjoy being turnt, you’ll love their mixtape BackCourt. Check it out! BackCourt Mixtape


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Omega Rousseau has a down to earth vibe that she displays through her tracks. Her newest song Same Ol’ talks about her life and what she’s done going through. The beat pulls you in making you want to listen to more. Then her lyrics ties it all up. If you’re interested in listening to the rest of her music. Check out her sound cloud. Omega Rousseau’s Music


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CKE Foreign, a young musical genius, song writer, producer, & a clothing designer. What can’t he do? If you want a dad hat? Hit up Foreign. In your feelings, listen to Foreign’s latest EP, Until Next Summer. You could find his music on Soundcloud, Youtube & Spinrilla.

Until Next Summer EP


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If you know Bobby Vega, you know that he is very passionate at what he does & ambivalent in every decision he makes. His newest single Buss A Flex gives you the feeling to just be yourself and wild out. By the time you finish listening to this hit, your next line will be . . . #yuppyupp

Go check it out! Buss A Flex


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Brandon Brown is an extremely talented young man. He is a violinist, pianist, producer, songwriter & lets not forget a singer! His voice will drive the girls insane. If you haven’t heard his first song, you’re missing out. So with that being said, go listen. NOW! Up To You / Away


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King Karrot’s newest song, Risk is something to keep you jumping and lit. This is the type of song you listen to with a group of your friends and just get crazy. If you like this song, you’ll find yourself wanting more from Karrot. His Mixtape “Beast” is going to be great! Coming soon but in the meantime visit his soundcloud. Listen ! King Karrot’s Music

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Ty Breezzyy is an amazing entertainer at heart and will probably make you stand up on your feet at his performances. His rap flow is so dope and has some vocality talent as well. Ty’s latest song What you wanna do, will have all the ladies wanting to give him a chance. Don’t sleep on him! If you’re feeling this song, you won’t be disappointed in his others . Ty Breezzyy’s Music


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Sean Savy is extremely versatile when it comes to him rapping. He is lyrically intelligent & will surprise you with every chance he gets. It’s something about his catchy lines and crazy metaphors that gets you into his music. Go check out the rest on his soundcloud page!! Sean Savy’s Music