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It’s you

You’re the one that supports me the most

Makes me feel like I’m the utmost

Stay with me close & you’d never go ghost

As others doubted me, you surrounded me

So optimistic, genuine, & heartfelt

I asked God as I knelt

To give me the strength to look pass the bystanders

As others say, “I truly cannot stand her”

But God also gave me you

U see

You are not just one of my biggest supporters

Reporting to me with great critiques

Motivating me like you know where we’re meant to be

At the top & there is no stopping us

With you by my side, I know that I will forever ride

It’s’s always been you

Brown Sugar

You know when you meet someone

& you don’t know where or how things are gonna end up with that person?

You guys both have this universal connection, this vibe that matches yours

Well baby boy that was you for me

It’s like when the stars smile at the sea & it shines for all of thee

That’s the feeling I received from you

I’ll sing a note & put a smile on your face, while you rap a line something so real

Give me butterflies

You inspire me to be better & never think anything other

Always think highly of yourself, my queen, he says

Kept it real from the jump, could’ve deceived me

You’re genuine . . . Everything I ever wanted

I love when you call me Brown Sugar

’cause you are the perfect verse over a tight beat


Our love is like the stars & the moon

Or better yet like the universe

I don’t even think I could describe how big

My heart is for you

Everything stands still

Love is in the air

Gravity makes it stay there

How could two imperfect people be drawn

together to create a love so powerful

better yet so magical

Similar to the earth, moon, & the sun

It’s like syzygy,

Our personality & our value for our love is one

Which draws us together as two

Something like gravity for me & you

They Won’t Leave Me Alone

Insomnia is my company for the night.

Tossing & turning.

What a restless night it will be.

My brain goes for a walk with loneliness,

discussing thoughts & feelings with each other.

Hollow meaningless dark thoughts run

through my head

keeping me up & explaining their pride.

To potent to let me sleep peacefully tonight

but no,

anxiety decides to attack my jittery nerves

and mess with my pillow soft heart

I can’t take what is going on.

Leave me to count my sheep,

please let me sleep in peace.

Insomnia tells me no

Loneliness tells me no

Anxiety says hell no

They refuse to let me go, they want me all to theirselves.

That is very selfish ..

They try to corrupt my mind with negativity

yea its true they try to break me.

The train speaks to them & agrees to keep me up.

Nothing but whistles & giggles

As they enjoy staying up with me

I sadly cried under my sheets

Who Cares…

They took apart of me away from me

How could this be

Man you look at this shit, the system is unfair

They don’t care who you are, what you look like or who you seeing

Traveling all the way from NY to Florida

Who cares

I couldn’t see my dad

The saddest part was when I had to say hi to him through his little boxed window

Not knowing if he could see me or not

Who cares

They didn’t know I haven’t seen my dad for 7 months

They didn’t know my dad wasn’t here to guide me through my first semester of college

They didn’t know that for the first time he won’t be able to see his baby girl graduate with a college degree

They didn’t know that he missed my sisters 17th birthday

Who cares

Sitting here crying

Ha Ha Ha

Lieutenant laughed like it was hilarious

I knew they could take his authority from seeing us

But I was crushed when they said I couldn’t see him

because my visiting hours are narrowed to one hour & you were late

No control whatsoever

But who cares right?

Free My father

I love you.