“We don’t wear make up to look pretty, we wear it because we enjoy the process of putting it on. The ‘natural look’ makes us cringe and bright colors are more fun. We don’t do it for the boys, we do it for ourselves. Eye shadow is our drug, Sephora, Ulta and Mac are our dealers. Make up is not just materials, it is a passion”. -Anonymous

Welcome to my Website! Above is a quote that speaks to me clearly. ¬†Makeup is my passion, make up is beautiful. It is not for the unnecessary needs to look good for other people, but to look good for myself. Being able to express myself through other forms of art such as beating my face gives me inspiration to get dressed in the morning. I do not have a love for make up to “fit in” but rather to stand out. ¬†#SelfLove2017.

This website is designed to give my followers a glimpse of what it is like to become an up and coming beauty blogger. By sharing some of my favorite products, giving honest reviews on the “HITS and DON’T BOTHER’s” and even sharing simple tricks and tips for flawless beauty.


My hopes is to even film some make up tutorials and share some of my favorite everyday looks!

Makeup is in other words “self-Confidence applied directly to the face”. In my opinion, it is most important to be completely confident in anything you are doing, therefor it is my responsibility to ensure my readers are CONFIDENT in learning new things, by not being afraid to try new things and continue to interest you all in reading my posts !



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Just your average college brunette perusing her passion for all things beauty.