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For starters, every great beauty look all begins with skincare and your facial routine. Over the holidays, I was able to do some shopping and create a new nightly beauty routine! I then discovered these two HOLY GRAIL products. They are very pricey, but I’ve learned that travel sizes travel a very long way ūüėČ !

It is important to remember that everyone’s skin type is different, and we all have different complexions, this routine just works best for my oily combined skin type. Usually in the winter, my forehead and chin get very dry due to over washing my face, and the bitter cold. Also i tend to get very oily due to OVER moisturizing. (who ever thought that would be a thing, right?!)

STEP #1 : take initiative and become committed to your skin! learn what your skin type is and how to properly exfoliate or cleanse your skin.

STEP #2:¬† wash your face! (duh) I usually wash my face with soap and water during my showers, but wait till right before bed to really use this routine. While washing my face, i use a generic facial scrub just to exfoliate and release any impurities from my skin, usually my blackheads. My GO-TO face wash is ¬†the Neutrogena¬ģ Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub (pictured below) which retails for about 6-10$ depending on the drug store.


STEP #3: BEFORE moisturizing , one can use what is known as a serum. Serums are beneficial directly after washing or exfoliating your face, this is so the serum can absorb directly into the skin allowing its active ingredients to work better. When i discovered Estée Lauder
Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, i was nervous but excited. I had read plenty of other reviews on this product and became hesitant.BUT when i actually used the product, I noticed a radiant glow in my skin the next morning. The best way to use this product is sparatically around your face using a droplet on all 4 sections of your face, forehead, both cheeks, and your chin. NOT so much on my nose..

STEP #4: after applying your serum, take the smallest amount¬†of ¬†EST√ČE LAUDER’s Revitalizing Supreme Plus Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Cr√®me , and apply it to the driest parts of your face. Mine being around the corners of my mouth and nose, the middle of my forehead between my eyebrows and around my chin. Applying in small circular motions to help activate the natural ingredients in this amazing moisturizer to naturally boost the collegian in your skin. Yes, i am young but whoever said it was too soon to worry about fine lines and wrinkles !

BTW!¬†it is important to remember that when applying any type of product to your face, you will not see instant results because your skin will have to adjust to the product being used. It is common to notice changes in your skin type, or even sudden break-outs when using something new on your face. That is why many people prefer higher end products, reassuring their guarantee that their face will not break out. (Hence why is said travel sizes go a long way! you’re able to test out what does and does not work for you based on your budget without totally hurting your pocket !)

I hope you enjoyed this article, and i really hope you test out this routine! as it has done wonders for my skin!! :)

Below are links to websites where you can purchase these products!

serum –¬†only 16$!

moisturizer –52$!

face wash- 7$ !



xoxo- Brianna

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