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Are you a make up lover that is concerned about the price and quality of the products you have been purchasing? I’m  sure we can all agree that we have spent more than $15 on a product we instantly regret buying, and you have two choices use it or lose it. the beauty industry is expected to each 265$ billion by the end of 2017. That is alot of money for over 1000 brands of both drug store, high end and online cosmetics.

Other corporations such as Ulta, Sephora, Mac and even drug store brands such as Maybelline or CoverGirl  don’t necessarily promise their consumers of the good quality in their products, and sometimes things can get a bit pricey.

Today, you can purchase cosmetics or just about anything on the web. From Amazon to Nordstrom.com, online shopping has become the biggest online economy in more recent years, creating an approach to availability and convenience. In any case, compared to its mass-delivered and overrated partners, Karity hopes to distinguish any hindrance between extravagance excellence and reasonable costs.  This company cares about the consumer directly.

Karity is the creation of Isaac Rami, 26, an immigrant raised in the U.S., who lovingly named the company after his wife’s maiden name. Karity, is now two years old , is already achieving seven digits in sales, including selling 71,000 pigmented eye-shadows in the first six months they were released. This online make up company offers ideal and everyday make up products -such as brushes, pallets, eye-shadows..etc.




This company began about two years ago, right around the time when online shopping became increasingly popular.  Online shopping has become a staple, if not a necessity for everyday life. The convenience of purchasing an affordable and reliable product at the touch of your finger tips has grown tremendously in the last few years  Karity promises to produce good quality, and affordable vegan products that continue to satisfy the customer through customer satisfaction and quality. Compared to other online stores such as ColorPop or BH Cosmetics- Karity has affordable prices for similar products such as single eye shadows, or highlighting and blush pallets. This allows Karity to expand and intrigue their customers to purchase and create  their pallets for both quality and price.

In the video below, I spoke with a local beauty lover about the impact online make up shopping, and how they feel about certain brands making an appearance in their make up collection. Other questions asked included- the range in how much they spend on make up monthly, and the quality of their “favorite” brands.

The beauty industry continues to grow and change constantly- the need for new products and change in quality is dependent on the customers specific needs whether that be eye-shadow, a make up tool or foundation. As the industry continues to change, companies and competition begin to arise- Karity, in my opinion will continue to dominate and improve to reach the top of the list in the cyber world. i believe the approach to customers first hand is what is important in creating a successful business that allows room for improvement, hears the customer out and produces quality products that can not only meet the customers specific needs, but satisfy the customer enough to eventually repurchase.



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