Sometimes, all you need is a good facial to brighten up not only your skin, but your mood as well. Having healthy skin is proven to improve your mood, as facials help to reduce stress and improve circulation around your face for a radiant glow that will keep you fresh all year round !


Do you struggle with oily skin year round, or do you find your skin becoming more oily during the warmer months ?Either way, this easy DIY oatmeal, lemon juice and honey facial mask is perfect for oily skin!!

This face mask is quick and simple and can be used daily throughout the week.

Here’s how you do it — Combine these ingredients in a bowl : ALL IN EQUAL PARTS

  • 1 tablespoon ground organic oatmeal
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Before applying the face mask, take a washcloth and run it under hot water and place it on your face. This is to help open your pores and help draw out impurities. An alternative to a hot rag is to boil some water, place it in a bowl and make your own facial steamer by hovering your face over the hot bowl and covering the surrounding area of your face, like you are wrapping your face in a blanket. Adding equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar, your favorite toner, or even essential oils such as lavender – make for a quick and effective facial steam !


Once your DIY mask is combined into a paste, apply this mixture- being careful of your eye area (as anything in or around your eye can cause irritation)

Let it  sit face for 10 minutes, and rinse it off with warm water, patting your face gently dry.

Apply your favorite toner and moisturizer to help hydrate your face and close your pores and TADA! No more oily skin, just a natural glow that does not get greasy or feel gross either before you start your day, or before bed!


Give this mask a try ! It’s so simple, and easy  and is perfect for May and the upcoming summer months!


-xoxo bri


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