About Me


Hello BeautyBees ! My name is Brianna Vella and welcome to my website !

I am a Junior at Dominican College studying Communications with an interest in Marketing and Advertising.

Ever since this little Bee was little,she has always had a passion and hidden talent for make up and all things beauty (hair, skincare, nails), growing up – my friends would always ask me to do their hair in school, and let me use them as models when we wanted to play with makeup.

Discovering YouTube at the age of 16, my self taught talent was practiced through endless hours of tutorials watched on YouTube and plenty of practice. Now, being 20 years old my passion for make up and beauty hacks has grown so strong, I have decided to make a career out of it.

My hopes is to share my insight on products good and back, along with easy hacks that can be useful in your everyday beauty routines for just about any one.

I hope you all enjoy my website as I continue to post frequently and inspire my readers ! Feel free to contact me my fellow Beauty Bees  !