Encouraging all of my readers to ask me anything they’d like!

I am here to answer and questions pertaining to anything beauty and make up related ! I will gladly respond to all questions promptly and as accurately as possible !


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    1. Thank you !

      There are many inexpensive brand’s of nail polish, available at almost every drug store.. but my favorite drugstore brand that seems to be “under-rated” is Sally Hansen® Nails – Complete Salon Manicure At Home‎.

      For about 8$ a bottle, you are able to complete your very own manicure at home. This formula includes a base coat, growth treatment, 56 opaque colors, top coat, gel-shine finish, chip-resistance, and a strengthener with keratin complex for up to stronger nails, this formula promises 10 days of chip-resistant wear. the PERFECT nail polish to add to your collection!

      Included below is a link to their website where you can preview all 56 colors, and find a drugstore closest to you !

      Sally Hansen® Nails – Complete Salon Manicure At Home‎

  1. Hello Bri,
    What a well thought out, well planned website. I love the way your website is set up. I, a makeup lover myself, has learned so much about new and upcoming products coming out that i’d be sure to purchase

    1. Thank you Karina!

      I am beyond excited that I have been able to indulge in your inner “BeautyBee”!

      Make sure to check out my upcoming posts on some exciting new releases and events for the upcoming year!


    1. Thank You Emily!

      I am currently working on editing a first video, with hopes to upload it on my website and YouTube very soon ! make sure you check it out !


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