Pursing a Nursing Degree to Help Out a Sibling

Christian Andre Domingo, a native of Bergenfield, New Jersey is a rising star in the nursing program at Dominican College.

Christian getting ready for his graduation.

When I asked him how he got his name, he told me that his “parents just thought of my name out of the blue.” His dad gave him the name “Christian” while his mom gave him the middle name “Andre”. At home, his family calls him by his middle name, Andre, which is typical in many Filipino families.

When I asked him how he knew he picked the right major, he responded by saying, “I realized that this major was right for me when I was in my junior year of high school. I actually wanted to be a doctor, but I knew that it was going to be a hard path to go through. As a result, I chose a major that was less difficult but was still in the league of the medical field which was nursing.”

In his family, Christian’s stepmom is a nurse, but that did not influence his decision.

His birth mom, who lives in the Philippines, is his biggest inspiration.

He states that “even though we are far apart from each other, she always supports me in everything that I do. No matter how small my achievements were, she was very proud of them. She always brags about me to her friends. She’s one of the main reasons why I am really trying hard to study as much as I can.”

“My mom inspires me because she has a strong mind. Even after my parents divorced and us being separated from her, she endured it. She wanted the best for us, That’s why she let us go here in the United States because our futures are so much brighter here.”

As rigorous as the nursing program is at Dominican College, Christian is still able to maintain an A average in all his classes. He plans on pursuing a nursing career so that he can support his younger sister financially in the future.

Knowing how expensive college is, he wants his sister, Kristina to live a fulfilling college life without having to worry about money.

Christian’s decision to help his sister out finally in the future is due to the fact that his family is not financially stable. His dad’s monthly house mortgage takes up most of his salary. He is also not a dependent of his stepmom due to the nature of their relationship.

If not for the college scholarship, Christian wouldn’t be going to college. He does not want her to experience the same difficulties since he finds her to be a very dependent person. He wants to support her by finishing up college and getting a stable job.

Christian pictured with his sister on their way to Six Flags.

He hopes that she can focus on her studies instead of working many hours, which could hinder her studies.

Asides from Dominican College, Christian had the option of going to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Felician University in Lodi, and New York University.

He chose Dominican College mainly because of the full academic scholarship that they gave him.

After school, Christian also works at Chicken Delight, a fast food franchise in Dumont, New Jersey.

Christian has his own unique way of managing college, work, and his other hobbies.

“As for the grades, I always do what is supposed to be done, and I also study whenever there is an upcoming quiz or test. It is also important to listen to professors’ lectures, there are some exceptions though. Some lectures are not important, so I do other school works during those lectures,” he says.

When he is at work, he will do some of his homework during his breaks in order to lessen the load.

In his free time, Christian is usually solving sudoku puzzles or watching some YouTube videos on his phone or hanging out with Christina.

Christian pictured with Christina at CAB event.

As for his transition to college from high school, he found the transition to be hard because there were people that he was afraid to talk to. It was also a new type of environment for him.

In terms of classes, however, he found that it was easier than those of high school.

On campus, Christian Domingo can be described as a very comical and outgoing character.

When I asked him to share a funny story with me, he said, “This happened last week. Christina and I were in our Biochemistry class. We sit beside each other. In the middle of our three-hour lecture, I have my phone hidden while I was scrolling through Instagram.”

“At one point, I encountered a video on Instagram and I heard some loud sound for a second, so I closed my phone because I thought it was from it. But, when we were walking out of the class, Christina told me that her stomach growled so loud. It was the same sound that I heard. Thankfully, no one looked at us.”

Christian with friends at the Eastern State Penitentiary.