Top 10 Most interesting facts about League of Legends

1. League of Legends is becoming legitimized as an esport.

IMG_11272. Some colleges offers scholarships for playing the game.

3. The NA LCS is going on its fifth season.

4. Last year’s world championship reached 14.7 million concurrent viewership with 43 million unique viewers.

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5. This year’s world championship has a fancy new format. No more “Wildcard” teams.


6. New MSI implication for “Wildcard” teams in addition to the new MSI format.


7. The NA LCS as well as the EU LCS have implemented a new system for relegation bound teams.

8. If you like NA LCS, You will like watching TSM.

9. Many storylines to be found within the competitive scene.


10. NA LCS has more than half as many Korean imports than it does North American and Canadian players.