Inori’s attitude may have costed Phoenix1 a good playoff run.


Last year, Rami “Inori” Charagh came into the summer split of the NA LCS with a breakout performance. Despite have visa issues for the first half of the split, he helped lead his team to eighth place with a 5-13 match record almost avoiding the relegation tournament. This year, he entered the 2017 spring split with a new roster with three new additions to the mid lane, AD carry and support role.Desite the admirable performance, family emergencies forced the star jungler to return home. As a result, he was replaced by William “Meteos” Hartman on week 5 of the LCS.

Although Meteos would be playing with the team with the expectation of Inori returning, Inori demonstrates having second thoughts on his return to the roster.

 In an interview with Blitz Esports, Inori sights feeling rejected by the team. When I heard this, I started to ask myself what this tells the community  and how it affects the perception of the public eye.

For those who do not know what I am talking about, I am refering to his answer to one of the questions asked in the interview.

Q: Can you talk about your time off and your transition back?

A: “Yeah, I feel like maybe this is a good time to talk about it, because I didn’t really talk to my fans too much about it, and maybe this will help now. I had a lot of stuff going on this split, new team, new environment, and I was building up so much stress and I didn’t have a way to, like, deal with it, like we were like moving a lot of stuff to another house, and I had a lot of built-up stress, and shit happened, and even like, the week before, like, my mother … in Vancouver it was snowing a lot, it snows a lot up there, and my mom slipped on ice and she like broke her leg, and she had to sit on the couch for the whole month. I try not to let that get to me, but it just added to all the stress and all the stuff, I feel like I just needed to reset and see my mom and make sure she’s like okay, because she was going through surgery too. And yeah, like, I kinda got what I needed, I think she was really happy to see me, because I don’t get to see her that much, and I was happy to see she was doing well, and it kind of cleared my mind, and I was ready to go back and really try my best, but right now I kind of feel like I’m getting rejected from my team, because there’s like a certain player who doesn’t want to play with me, which is kind of like silly, but yeah. I just want to play, I just want to win. I love P1 as an org, and all the people who work with us, and it’s just kind of sad that I can’t get the opportunity to play again, because I know I can prove myself. I’ve come back a lot better and stronger, so I just want to get back on stage and prove myself.”

Does that say anything to you? I find it hard to believe that he would feel rejected because of another player. When you look at situations such as these, you have to ask yourself why he feels the way he feels. Is there someone else in the team house causing the issues? I can’t know for sure. From what the interview tells me, Inori strikes me as a very emotional and insecure person often acting very reactionary without thinking about it. As a result, I find myself wondering if Inori is the player that Phoenix1 want to have fo the long term. This almost feels like Phoenix1’s addition of Breaking Point 2.0 But to a lesser extent.

Sources has speculated internal conflicts with Adrian “Adrian” Ma as he has left the team being replaced by William “Stunt” Chen. This is probably the best conclusion one can come up with assuming there is not anything else that may have caused the conflict.

The one thing that I have gotten out of this is that Inori is someone who is not mentally prepared to take on the life of a professional League of Legends player. It is a tough job to be in given how much you have to sacrifice to stay in the industry. If any internal conflicts occur within the team, a player has to have the ability to cope with it. It makes me wonder if Inori even tried to talk to someone on the team or seek out support. My point is that until Inori learns to deal with the people around him, he will not be a top tier jungler in the LCS.

Phoenix1 is currently in fourth place in the 2017 spring split with a 7-5 match record. Let’s hope the recent drama does not put out the flame in the team.

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