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While you are on this page, you can ask me any question you wish that relates to League of Legends esports. Esports is a young industry that is constantly growing. I want to help continue that growth. This is where you come in. If there is something in the League of Legends competitive scene you would like to know about, feel free to let me know. Want me to give you some insight on a particular team? I can help/you out. Are you not sure what games are worth watching? I can recommend a few games that are worth watching. Are there any storylines you want me to cover? Feel free to ask. I am here to help you get into the competitive scene of League of Legends.


  1. Hey, I like the layout of your site. I don’t know much about online gaming. Could you give me some recommendations on games to try?

    • Hi,

      This is not a website designed to recommend any games for people to try out. This is a website that is specifically designed on coverage on the League of Legends competitive scene. I do recommend you try out League of Legends as it is a very fun game to play. Once you have had enough practice, you can start to watch competitive games. Trust me, it can be really polarizing depending on which teams are playing, but that is just the fun of it. Let me know if you would like me to help you get into the competitive scene.

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