Feature Story: It was at that moment… I woke up

Welcome to college

Before starting my college career, it never occurred to me the amount of bad high school like habits students come to school with. I went as far as to assume that they were out of my league provoking me to do everything on my own. It was at that moment, I woke up after experiencing what might have been the worst performance in my academic career as a whole.


We have all been there at one point. From pulling all nighters to consuming endless amounts of caffeine in order to get our work done only to end up attending class to fall asleep while the professor is talking.

Old habits die hard

I will admit that I am guilty of these things to a degree. We are all human right? Nobody is perfect. However, i’ve come to the conclusion that none of these solutions turn into long term results.

I’m struggling. What now?

For me failure was the biggest fear for me as with any college students. I will not go into specifics as to why that fear was constantly following me around because veryone’s circumstances are different.

Don’t just play hard. Work hard as well.

I don’t blame them for stressing out about their grades. It’s natural.

The question is how we deal with that stress. I can’t tell you how many times I felt the need to pull an all nighter because I spent one too many hours playing Fantasy LCS.

Instead of this, I could have been reading the textbook, taking notes from the study guide or fine tuning my research papers. I suppose I’m no different from other students now am I?

When I talked to my history professor, I asked why studens struggle in college. He Tells me about a time where he had to write a total of 5 academic referrals specifically because of the constant use of cell phones in the classroom.  This creates a distraction both in and outside of the classroom which is not good when your aim is to possibly one of the best students in your class. In fact, Having any type of distractions while studying is not good.  

Social media can wait.

If I were to offfer any advice to future students, it’s to be diligent in your wok. You have all the time in the world to scroll through social media via instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.  You can get drunk with your friends whenever you want. However, nothing is more important than your academics. After all, you are paying for it with your parent’s tax money.

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