Student Projects:

Posted in Communication Studies Documentary

Social Media’s Impact on Communication
(Tyler Bratton)

Posted in Health Sciences PowerPoint

Health Disparities in Low-Income Households
(Jhadeliz Polanco)

Posted in Biology Poster

Impact of Exercise on Hippocampal-Based Learning in Children
(Brittany Terrill)

Posted in Communication Studies Poster

News Coverage of Islam Before & After 9/11
(Joshua Von Holt)

Posted in Biology PowerPoint

Hydrobiological Indicators of Pollution in the Sparkill Creek of Blauvelt
(Luke Friedman, Louis Levine)

Posted in Health Sciences Video

Music Therapy for Dementia
(Lauren Colella)

Posted in Biology PowerPoint

Increased Glyphosate Exposure Enriches Pseudomonas spp. and Reduces Total Bacterial Diversity in Sediment
(Stefanie Moncayo)

Posted in Communication Studies Poster

Women’s Self-View Through Beauty Advertisements
(Paula Guterriez)

Posted in Biology Poster

Horizontal Gene Transfer in Mycobacterium
(Tema Frees)

Posted in Communication Studies Video

Professional Development Training Program
(Elvira Isa Alvarez)