Leadership on Twitter

Tim Cook
Purpose: To sell the new iPhone’s camera 
Cook posted high quality pictures taken with the iPhone to show its quality. He also used autism acceptance month as a way to sell this product, conveying a brand of conscious capitalism.  
The tweet gathered more than 4k likes and more than 400 retweets in about 4 hours. Which seems pretty good.

Jeff Bezos
Purpose: To sell Amazon as a philanthropic company. 
Bezos posted a picture showing Amazon workers busy prepping equipment or materials to ship out. This picture seems to try to convey Amazon’s logistical efficiency. 
The tweet gathered more than 4k likes and more than 400 retweets in about 3 hours.

Ted Cruz 
Purpose: To show the inadequacy of the Biden administration. 
Cruz anticipated and some people might not be interested in hearing him talk. So in addition to the video medium, he put his messaging in prints. I think that’s a brilliant way to get a message across on social media. 
The tweet gathered more than 25k likes and 800 retweets in about 7 hrs. Seems like decent numbers. But sometimes it’s hard to gauge how effective these metrics are without context.

Bernie Sanders 
Purpose: To say that the government ought to work for the people, not billionaires. 
Adding video is always a good way to ensure a decent level of engagement. Like Cruz, Bernie provided the cliff note to his video in the caption.
The post gathered more than 50k views and 2000 likes in about a day. Again, compared to what? For optimal engagement, how many views and likes should an account of Bernie’s size have gotten within 24hrs?

Bill Gates
Purpose: To show the utility of poop.
Sometimes a simple headline is a great way to attract attention to a story.