“Leadership on Twitter”

The tweet is giving thanks to Thorne Brown for such an iconic moment in fashion through his unique design. Also making Whoopi Goldberg extremely pleased by designing the perfect look for her.

posted a picture with creativity and flair that makes you want to see how much further the style and inventiveness flows. Identified the stylist as a fashionista # trendsetter.

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This post marks an auspicious moment in history of a Black woman being the second most powerful person in office, and how she comprised a team of people of color ranging from different ages to serve beside her on her team.

Posted a picture showing some of the finer things associated to be the second most powerful person in office, such as owning her own plane.

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This post sheds light on how Black and Brown people continue to be plagued with systemic discrimination opposed to that of white nationalist.

Posted a statement that is strategically written and the constant struggle with inequality.

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This post discuss how it took 100 years to finally make a law preventing the lynching of African American people. The Act has been overlooked repeatedly, until now. A appreciative moment history.

A video was posted to allow for visualization as well as audio of the importance of the Antilynching Act and how people now can be accountable for their actions.

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This post mirrors that of an earlier post by Corey Booker surrounding the Antilynching Act. This post is specific on how its classified. Lots of emotions surrounds this particular piece. Although some satisfaction, but hard inquires as why it took so long to be considered a crime.

Posted a statement with rich content, that became a heavy conversation piece. This dates back decades of when our ancestors lived among a time injustice was just that, injustice.

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