About Me

My leadership style is participative. My expectations are to improve performance, employee retention by increasing morale. Promote collaboration and encourage members of my team to share their ideas.

I expect that my employees will arrive on time and be ready to work. Value their job expectations and can communicate. Work as a team, organize, prioritize and problem solve.

The most important thing to me in the workplace is professionalism, integrity, and ethics. In addition to the first three things, also included is, dependability, reliability, and responsibility.

The best ways to communicate with me is by being Be open and honest as well as an active listener. Give me your full attention while maintaining eye contact.

Communicating face to face is a key factor for me. This gives me the opportunity to listen to the tone and observe the body language.

There are also instances where I would communicate via email, depending on the topic being discussed. This includes disseminating information or simply give a quick response.

I have a tendency to listen and observe people, prior to engaging into the conversation. Because of this, I am sometimes misunderstood. Other’s perceptions people have of me is that I am standoffish.

I am far from that, I am actually the opposite, I am welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to. It just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover.