Working on Yourself

Everything you do in life is not going to your way and that is the main purpose of this post. No matter what you do, there will always be some form of harm to your life. You may think that you deserve some type of reward automatically but people fail to understand that it can’t… Continue reading Working on Yourself

TikTok Tarot Reading

The title of this article will be : TikTok Tarot Readings: False Hope or The New Way to Believe. Who: Astrologers on TikTok What: Are TikTok readings as accurate as they claim to be Why: A lot of people have been turning to TikTok for astrology but some do it cause it gets them followers… Continue reading TikTok Tarot Reading

Believe In the Universe

What you put out into the universe is what you shall receive. Everything that you want in life comes from manifestations. This definitely ran true for this one person . This story about a girl who manifested her dream career and got to the lifestyle she wanted. Amanda has always wanted to work for the… Continue reading Believe In the Universe


When you look at these four photos, you would think it is just four random photos but if it look at it from an astrology base, you would see it as a zodiac sign story. This tells a story of one particular zodiac sign, Taurus. These four photos are placed on a personality level. Taurus… Continue reading Storytelling

New Moon in Libra review

Recently Cosmopolitan posted an article on Facebook that recently discussed the new moon in libra that happened on October 6, 2021. I was drawn to this article because this one article included a way to make their readers engaged. The article titled ” This New Moon Is, Um, a Lot” talks about everything dealing with… Continue reading New Moon in Libra review

Questions about Astrology

Many people have always questioned whether astrology is real or not. They want to know if it can actually be tied into your everyday life. So recently I have chosen to go on and see what other questions people may have and hope I can answer some of these questions and help get some… Continue reading Questions about Astrology

Tarot Cards: The New Way of Life

When it comes to your love life, you would want the answers right in front of you. Everyone hates having things about their life unanswered because it causes you to overthink about everything which could lead to what someone would call “Blocking your own blessings.” Around the world, everyone wants answers to pretty much anything… Continue reading Tarot Cards: The New Way of Life

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