Editor Assignment

Editor Assignment


Today I was tasked with finding the latest and greatest in-home exercise equipment and evaluate what is the best one for muscle building and the best one for aerobics. The best in home muscle building equipment is the Bowflex Revolution home gym that has everything with over 100 exercises with 400 variations of workouts that you need to gain every muscle in the body. For aerobics workouts, the best tools to be successful are a yoga mat, Adjustable dumbbells, Mini resistance bands, and Soft medicine ball are some of the main instruments used for a good aerobic exercise and are all relatively inexpensive and can be found at your local Target or Walmart. 

What are the costs involved you ask? There are many options for which in home gyms you could buy and which are the best as I stated above the  Bowflex Revolution is the best on the market but also one of the most expensive ones out there starting at $2,999.00. If you are looking for something more affordable for the average middle class working family the total gym 1400 home gym is one of the lower ends in home guys but starts at $199.99 making this one more popular for middle-class families to own. As for the aerobic essentials these tools can be purchased for all under $100.00 or individually for around $25.00 to $50.00.

What would a homeowner need to do to use this equipment? All the homeowner would be required to do to use this equipment is dedicate a time out of there day to consistently work out one muscle group each day and stick to the fitness plan found on our website PowerFitness.com. Also, it is recommended upon purchasing these items to read the instructions and guides for each work out so that you do not injure yourself or others.

Is there any special training needed to use this equipment? For these, in-home gyms that I have provided, they are designed for the everyday person to use not an Olympic bodybuilder or weightlifter and can be easily used by men or women at different weights to accommodate for different strengths and weaknesses.

Do people need to devote a room to use the equipment? No, you do not need to devote a separate room to park these in-home gym setups but it is highly recommended to work out in an appropriate area with enough space to move and lift weights safely. We recommend that you keep your children away from these machines unless supervised by an adult because they can and will get seriously injured if left unattended.

How You Can Change Your Life In Just 6 Weeks



Who-  This program is designed for you by people like you who wanted to change their lives for the better and continue to maintain their healthy lifestyle long after the program is finished.

What- Here at Power Fitness we design a custom 6-week program just for you so that you can succeed in your journey to a more healthy lifestyle and the start to an overall better life for yourself.

When- Over the course of the next 6 weeks you will participate in multiple cardio and core workouts that touch down on all of the core muscles groups needed to speed up weight loss along with a healthy diet.

Where- These exercise programs can be done in your local gym or in the comfort of your own home if you don’t feel comfortable just yet working out in a public setting.

(Here we have one example of a 6week  

exercise program for men and women )

Why- The most important reason is why is this program is worth your time, well ill tell you. When you are continuously exercising daily and following the program studies have shown that after just 30 minutes of cardio or weight lifting your immune system function improves greatly lasts for about 24 hours after causing your body to fight off infection more often. Working out demands lung power and exercising daily increases your lungs strength giving your body more stamina to do other things outside of the gym and benefits your everyday life positively. We all know weight loss takes time, patience, proper nutrition, and more patience with this 6-week program you will see results that will motivate yourself and others to participate. last but most defiantly not least having a constant workout plan provides an increased supply of blood and oxygen to your brain helps cognitive function, sharpens memory, and improves concentration benefiting you in all aspects of your life causing much happier lifestyle.

Weymouth Club Fitness


Lisa is a personal trainer at the Weymouth club and is being interviewed about what the facilities have to offer and talking a little bit about what programs and what events are going on in the fitness section of the club.


She does a great job touching base on the amount of help and how much the trainers can motivate the members to get a work out in daily. Lisa speaks clearly doesn’t stutter and stays on the topic during the interview making this a successful interview. This interview was effective because of the mixture of talking and filming of the club that really grabs the attention of whoever is watching the video and gives a good representation of what they are going to get for their money.

Top Monotized Fitness Social Media Accounts

Twitter is used by many people all over but lululemon has done a great job using their social media platforms to make money for there company by advertising their fitness clothing and offering different discounts to followers that like, share, comment on a post they have put on Twitter. Lulu uses many different marketing strategies to get new customers like holding public yoga events or small fitness events where you can try the clothing but the most effective tool is the word of mouth through happy customers who continuously buy their products.

CrunchGym is one of the leading Instagram accounts that has mastered the art of using social media to gain customers and make the greatest amount of money possible by giving some of there followers free trial memberships to try out their gym and see if they like the programs that are offered by Crunchgym. Another way they make money is by doing raffles for a free 1-year membership or free lessons or training for people that are already members by using a small donation as an entry fee that people who know the gym are willing to do because it would be worth winning a free 1-year membership.






8Fit is a new up an coming meal prep website that allows you to keep up with the most updated and most effective fitness diets without having to break your bank. 8Fit dose an excellent job with coming out with new food items that change with the season’s and keep their customers satisfied by changing the menu often. For just a small subscription fee all of the recipes and step by step how-tos can be yours and by following 8Fit on their social media you can be inspired to keep up with your diet and exercise through inspirational quotes and pictures.



Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami hits Indonesia

Article 1)

Mother Nature can share some beautiful sights in our world but we cannot forget the destruction natural disasters can cause a country. Two of the most powerful natural disasters an earthquake and Tsunami occurred in Indonesia last week destroying Many homes and Businesses and killing 1,407 people and injuring thousands leaving more than 70,000 people homeless with nothing. As rescuers continue there to search for survivors and the departed 34 of those killed were just young children.  This article offers the public a look at the destruction and devastation that occurred just last week in Indonesia, and I think for many it is sad to look at and read about how many people lives are affected and have been stripped of there lives and for some there loved ones.

Article 2)

Although the mass destruction is absolutely devastating and very necessary to make people aware of what’s going on in different regions of the world, it’s very important that we don’t just look at the negative side but look at this with a different perspective and take charge to help the more than 200,000 people affected in this disaster. Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)  has been working overtime to help people become not only aware of what’s going on but give people who are not directly affected a chance to help out and gather food, water, clothes, money, and the medical attention that some of these people require.  This article is directed more to help the people that have been caught up in this disaster rather than to make others just aware of what’s going on, The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)  has given people a way to help others in the best way that we can from across the world which is very important to the rebuild of the communities affected in Indonesia




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People all over the world train for the Spartan Races and these are the toughest races out there, they push you to the limit mentally and physically which is what living a healthier lifestyle is all about. 







Peloton Bike | Indoor Exercise Bike with Online Streaming Classes

The Peloton indoor exercise bike is the most elite exercise bike on the market with users all over the globe changing the way they work out in their homes. With Pelotons advanced built-in spin classes that are recorded live twice a week the peloton spin bike has gained a 600,000-strong subscriber community.

This high-intensity work out is an efficient way to burn calories, the bike has resistance settings as well for the more advanced bikers. If you can commit to training two or three times a week with the peloton bike you will see a difference in your weight loss goal.


History of Fitness

The History of exercise all began when one man named Jerry Morris took all of the bits and pieces of physical fitness and put it all together in his book describing his research on the correlation between human health and exercise.

invented in 1796, it was the forerunner of modern machine-based fitness. The use of fitness equipment would pick up in the 20th century, as would the weights-based workouts started to become more popular

The 1950s, Jerry’s book Uses of Epidemiology was used as a blueprint for public health activities and influenced the reform of health and social services under the Labor governments.

As time went on people started to become more and more educated when it came to how health and fitness. John F. Kennedy showed his commitment to improving the nation’s fitness even before he took the office.

After the election, he published “The Soft American” in Sports Illustrated. The article established four points as the basis of his proposed program, including a White House Committee on Health and Fitness; direct oversight by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; an annual Youth Fitness Congress to be attended by state governors; and the assertion that physical fitness was very much the business of the federal government. affected people and the culture of the world.

Beginners guide to healthy living.

The number one problem people have with staying in shape is people can’t seem to find the time in a day to get to the gym, so I’m here to share easy steps on how to get in shape and stay in shape using this 6-month program without leaving your home.

Follow along with our daily post and videos of different fun workouts that take less than 30 minutes a day and can be done in the comfort of your own living room and we promise you will see a difference in your body in no time.