Many organizations look to other organizations—perhaps bigger or more successful organizations in their field—for inspiration and to stimulate thoughts for their online communications and content. To get some sense of understanding how this is done, this week you will undertake an assignment that examines how organizations use social media.

Assignment Week Ten

First, choose an industry you are interested in personally. (You might choose, for instance, the automotive industry, clothing industry, banking industry, etc.).

Next, using your chosen industry, identify two different organizations that have an overlapping social media presence. (In other words, both organizations should use utilize at least one of the same platforms; they are both on TikTok, or they are both on Instagram, or they are both on Twitter, etc.)

Finally, based on the platform they both use, examine each organization’s social media presence over the past month or two. Create a new page, title it “Social Media Writing” and add it to your drop down menu. Answer the following questions for EACH organization:

  • Describe the tone and language used from organization 1 and organization 2.
  • Who do you think their audience or audiences are organization 1 and organization 2.? How can you tell?
  • What do you think the primary purpose is on social media organization 1 and organization 2? (For instance, they may be looking, first, to “sell,” but they might also want to display themselves as an “organization who cares,” or as a particularly reliable brand.)
  • Find a post that you think is particularly successful or unsuccessful for organization 1 and organization 2. Describe the post and why you think it succeeded or failed.
  • Which organization ( organization 1 or organization 2) do you think is more successful in achieving their purposes and reaching their target audiences? Why?

Finally, please do not forget to screenshot your work and submit it on Blackboard by Sunday at 11:59 PM.