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For this week’s post, I will be writing about the Comic Entertainment Industry and will be evaluating the social media “tone” of both Marvel Comics and DC Comics. In the battle of generations who think one is better than the other, let’s challenge how great they market themselves.

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Describe the tone and language used from organization 1 and organization 2.

Looking at the Instagram and Twitter media platforms, there is a clear difference in the two Comic worlds. Marvel Comics (name on social media: Marvel Entertainment), promotes their cinematic world much more than their characters. Whereas, DC Comics promotes their characters and tv shows more than anything else. Both pages are entertaining, as they should be, but DC Comics clearly emphasizes the characters of their world through stories about each of them on Instagram, short videos on Twitter, and calling their page the “home” of Batman, Superman, Wonder woman…”and the rest of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes!” The tone of DC Comics sticks with the idea that their superheroes are the classics, and they always approach their audience as “the fandome”, branding themselves as a family. With almost 40 million more followers than DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, does not take that approach. Rather, they seem much more plain and straightforward, focusing their recent posts on their latest movies, which makes them more direct and as professional as a comic industry giant could be.

Who do you think their audience or audiences are organization 1 and organization 2.? How can you tell?

The audience of Marvel Entertainment seem to be fans who follow the cinematic universe that was created. Marvel, at least on their social media platforms, seem to be geared towards film and promoting movie-fans to go watch them.

DC Comics on Instagram and Twitter seems to target younger audiences. Their page is full of comic art, promotions for their shows, and constant question in the comments for fans to comment under.

Find a post that you think is particularly successful or unsuccessful for organization 1 and organization 2. Describe the post and why you think it succeeded or failed.

For Marvel Entertainment, one of the most popular posts received 1,343,493 views and over a thousand comments. It was a trailer, and it was the trailer for Hawkeye, the show on Disney+. This post received many views and likes because teasers were being released before the whole trailer came out, and I think that is why the fans anticipated and awaited the whole video to be released.

For DC Comics, one of their most popular posts received 775,756 views and over 2,000 comments. It was also a trailer, and was for the new Batman Movie to be released in March. This post was exceptionally popular because DC used the hashtag #FanDome, which is like the hashtag used for the fans, so this post was among the most popular. I think ti was successful because of that hashtag and because DC Comics promotes Batman’s character quite a lot, making him an original/classic character. Therefore, he is always popular.

What do you think the primary purpose is on social media organization 1 and organization 2? (For instance, they may be looking, first, to “sell,” but they might also want to display themselves as an “organization who cares,” or as a particularly reliable brand.)

The primary purpose for Marvel Entertainment is to sell tickets to their movies. They are specific in their professionalism, and their “cool-kid” attitude. They are displaying themselves as a cool, modern, and with-the-times comic organization.

The primary purpose for DC Comics is to create and maintain their fan base. They are displaying themselves as a home, especially for “geeks and nerds” and comic-book lovers.

Which organization ( organization 1 or organization 2) do you think is more successful in achieving their purposes and reaching their target audiences? Why?

Even though Marvel Comics has the greater fan base count, DC Comics seems to be the organization who achieves their purpose and reaches audiences, and audiences who are not unfaithful. If it were for popularity, Marvel would win. However, DC Comics not only promotes their “home-y” image, but also host live FanDome experiences, revealing big announcements, reveals, and exclusive content to their fans to follow them closely. Also people from their shows are engaging with audiences on the page, so it seems as thought they are doing all they can to reach their fan base.

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