Dominican College MBB(week 4 )

Daniel Grant was the Dominican College student I chose for this week’s interview. Daniel is one of  the top  PGs to ever play for Dominican College.

 Here’s a little bit on Daniel and his prolific career in a Chargers uniform.

2x Conference Champion

1x all Conference first team

1x all Conference third team

1x all Metropolitain first team 

1x all American nominee

14th all  time scoring at DC

10th all time assist leader at DC

 During this interview  we discussed the school’s  basketball team and went into some team personnel. To start off he told me about  Jalen Burgess,  Wahadd Johnson, and himself who he would consider stand out athletes in the school. He described a standout athlete as someone who puts in the time and work to be the best. These three have done alot for the program and it shows in their game.

Next Daniel went on to tell me what the team’s strong and weak points are. He said that their strong points would be on the offensive end because of the team’s natural raw talent. On paper this team is unmatched with their skills, athleticism and abilities to make plays. At games you might just see the team playing “street-ball” because they need to sit and run plays to be successful.

They have a lot of good players. Then I asked Daniel about the team’s weak points and his answer was interesting. He said the team’s biggest weak point would have to be their mental strength as a whole, then second just everything on the defensive end of the football.  The team has a lot of great players and with great players come  great egos and sometimes that can get in the way of the team’s success. The team mental’s strength affects them on the defensive end tremendously because a lot of faults in a teams defense is mental lapse/ breakdowns. Daniel explained that the defensive rotation that DC has is very different from other schools and is new to most people. Not understanding where to be on the court and when to do certain things hurts this team’s defense dramatically.

DC has 2 captains, Donell Hill and Daniel Grant who are both returning for their fifth year. Hill is a great captain not only because of his basketball skills but most importantly his communication skills. He is very vocal and addresses every situation in a calm, timely manner that is important to the team. Hills is not only a role model for his teammates but his peers at Dominican College. Now on the other hand the team’s second captain is Daniel who is the opposite of Donell Hills in their communication style. Daniel is much more aggressive and will yell at you but he says it’s all out of love. He says families fight all the time and should be able to yell at each other and move on. Daniel is very compassionate about basketball; he is  the emotional heartbeat of the team. Daniel says he is very hard on everyone because he wants them to be better than the person they were yesterday. These two guys were promoted captains not only because of how long they’ve been at DC but also their accolades here at DC. They have a lot of experience with failure and success with this program so that’s what makes them the perfect captains.