In Too Deep

For my feature story I would like to talk about the new show on Netflix called Squid Games. I would like to write about how this show became an overnight sensation and how it is literally the most talked about show on social media. 

What is so interesting about this show is how fast it grew and the attention it’s getting.  

Who – The people who participated in the squid games were specifically people who were in hundreds of dollars in debt.  

What – the games are essentially about me playing a game and receiving high rewards but with that come high risks.  

Where – the film was shot and filmed in Seoul, North Korea 

When- Started being filmed in 2008 but was not released on September 17,2021 and is already Netflix’s eighth most popular series watched by 62 million Netflix subscribers already.  

Why – Players accept invasion of privacy because they are in debt and looking for a quick getaway. 

How – most of the filming process for the show was often using UGI and included hundreds of people in one shot.  

I chose my roommate because he watched the show and actually recommended it to me.