Social Media Writing

With both organizations it gives off a family friendly, warming environment. Allowing people of all agars to feel comfortable when accessing their socials. Both are currently offering exclusive opportunities for their system so trying to push that to their customers in order to make those sales.

All age democratically because on the Instagram specifically their post are well rounded where they promote Minecraft for the younger ages and call of duty for older individuals

I think that their purpose is for that exact reason. To sell but to also build a family. Especially Xbox they recently have posted a lot of context that makes you have nostalgia, heartwarming moments, and post to bring all of their followers together in agreement on common opinions.

Xbox most recent post was a tweet saying “Saying “GG” and the end of every game will never get old” by. Seeing this post alone I know that a lot of people remembered when they use to always say this and started to say it again. PlayStation made a post about GTA III which was also successful because it got people talking about it and what gaming use to be like.

I feel like they are both equally as successful because of the mere fact that both of their followers are mostly due hard followers, would never switch systems, this console is better than the other for obvious reasons followers. Both provide the specific needs of their gamers and with that they continue to observe and give. 

I would say this post was successful because not only of then amount of likes but because it made me smile. Xbox does a very good job at creating a family oriented environment.